I graduated on December the 17th 2003 with my Doctorate in Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong.

I have a Master in Design (digital media) from the University of Western Sydney which is right next door to the Nepean Institute of TAFE, Kingswood Campus where I taught graphic design and multimedia. These institutes are situated at the foot of the Blue Mountains about 30km from Sydney. I am now retired and am spending summer moths in the UK on our narrowboat, NB Willow.

I completed a Grad. Dip. Design and later, my teaching Dip at the University of Technology, Sydney, a Graphic Design Certificate from Randwick TAFE, now at Enmore Design Centre and an Architectural Draftsmen’s (sic) Certificate from Ultimo TAFE, both colleges are part of Sydney Institute of Technology.

This homepage is currently being redesigned, original page designed in 1995 will be kept on my Optus members homepage as it is an historical document and was state of the art in those early days, when everything had to be hand coded! It will also link to this site.

Now that I have my own domain name and web hosting, I will be slowly uploading the rest of the site and making some changes so that not all the URLs will be fully functioning within the site. However, most things will work reasonably well as most of my internal links were relative.

I had made a web-based interactive tutorial on a 3D application, namely Bryce (early version). My Bryce ‘Deep Texture Cookbook’ is will be available later.

Photogallery of Narrowboat Journey, Morocco, Madrid, Paris and South England.
Overseas Travels 2007.

Photogallery of Narrowboat Journey Llangollen and Shropshire Canals, Italy and the Midlands, Lake District and York.
Overseas Travels 2010.

General photogallery of Sydney and Australia.

My Flickr Photogalleries.

Recent work

Come travelling with me in Australia or Overseas;

I am a Medieval and Renaissance musician, who plays various instruments (see pic) and sings with my partner, Graeme, in our group known as the Minisingers. Also visit Venetian Brass, our early brass group, specialising in Venetian music of the high Renaissance.

Shooting of the Guns Pavan (Anon) - Midi arrangement

The following songs are all MP3 encoded.

Hilary and Graeme sing the consort song, Sweet, they say such virtue lies by Richard Nicholson (d. 1639) performed with recorders and viol. This was recorded in concert around 1992 at Christchurch St. Laurence in Sydney. Accompaniment by recorder players, Dr. Peter Petocz, Dr. Lance Eccles, Robert Small, Dr. Bernie Williams and Dr. Agnes Petocz of the Reluctant Consort. Graeme also played the viol on one of the lines (3.5 MB).

Bryd one Brere is my favourite c1300 English mediaeval song, sung and played by Hilary and Graeme. This was recorded by Charles Barton at St. Stephens Newtown, on a very (audibly) windy night in 1988 and later broadcast on 2MBS FM Sydney's public fine music station (3.5 MB).

Listen to our Morley Consort (QE I’s dance band) playing Joyne Hands, by Thomas Morley, this is a jaunty number from his Consort Lessons, 1599 with authentic instrumentation: viols, cittern, lute, pandora, flute and violin. Malcom and Meredith Lawn on violin and viol, others as above. Recorded in rehearsal at Erskineville Holy Trinity Anglican Church in 1992 (1.4 MB).

The exciting sound of an antiphonal Canzon, La Leona, 1608 by C. Gussago. With Graeme on mute cornet, krummhorns and strings. Liz Jones, Hilary and Madeleine on Krumms, Graeme on cornetto and other musicians as above. Recorded in rehearsal as above. Apologies to any musicians I have omitted (3.0 MB).

Finally, Delight is Dead, another very beautiful viol consort song by Byrd, is sung by Hilary (Soprano) and Graeme (counter-tenor), with Meredith and Malcolm Lawn, Ted Granlund, Graeme Stentiford and Liz Jones on viols. Recorded as above (3.7 MB).