Overseas Journey 2010
Part II
The Grand Tour: Episode 1

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II: Grand Tour: Episode 2
III: England: Colchester | High Wycombe | Dudley | Lake District | York

Grand Tour Part 1:
The Eurostar and an
afternoon in Paris

Grand Tour Part 2:
A day in Paris and a visit to the Cite de la Musique

Grand Tour Part 3:
From Paris to Zurich and an afternoon there

Grand Tour Part 4:
The Pendolino over the Gotthard pass to Milan and the first afternoon in Italy

Grand Tour Part 5:
A day in Milan
Castello Sforzesco
The Duomo of Milan

Grand Tour Part 6:
Museums of the Castello Sforzesco and a
restaurant in Rome

Grand Tour Part 7:
Rome: A visit to Vatican City and the St Peter's Dome Climb

Grand Tour Part 8:
Rome: Ruins, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum and Colosseum and off to Florence

Grand Tour Part 9:
A rainy day in Florence,
visiting galleries and a
walk along the Arno

Grand Tour Part 10:
A rainy walk in Florence to Fort Belvedere and beyond
and then off to Lucca

Grand Tour Part 11:
A bike ride, two towers, two churches and
a stroll through Lucca

Grand Tour Part 12:
A Tuscan cooking lesson

Grand Tour Part 13:
A day in the Piazza dei Miracoli of Pisa and a late afternoon walk in the Lucca botanic gardens

Grand Tour Part 14:
Cinque Terre and the
Via Dell'Amore

Grand Tour Part 15:
The towns of Cinque Terre

Grand Tour Part 16:
Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino