Overseas Journey 2010
Part III
England: Colchester|High Wycombe|Dudley|Lake District|York

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London | Narrowboat | Lincoln
II: Grand Tour: Episode 1
III: Grand Tour: Episode 2

London, Colchester:
A stop in London
Colchester Oyster Fayre
Colchester town and castle

Cressing, High Wycombe
Cressing Temple Barns
High Wycombe
Wycombe Museum

The Black Country
Living Museum
Dudley No.1 Tunnel boat trip

Dudley, Ironbridge, Bowness
Dudley town centre
Ironbridge Gorge
Bowness on Lake Windermere

On Lake Windermere
Ferry cruise on Lake
Windermere and a walk to
Stock Ghyll falls

Haverthwaite, Hilltop, Helvellyn
Steam train to Haverthwaite
A walk around Hilltop, Sawrey
Lake Thirlmere and Helvellyn

Over the Yorkshire Dales to York
Driving to York through the
Yorkshire Dales National Park
and an evening walk in York

A day in York Part 1
A walk on the walls of
the City of York
Visit to Richard III Museum

A day in York Part 2
York Minster Cathedral Tower
The Treasury House and Garden
Ye Olde Starre Inne

A day in York Part 3
The long walk back
York streets, the York Walls
The New Walk

The National Railway Museum
Not only for railway geeks and
trainspotters, this was a
wonderful museum for all

Stoke-on-Trent and flight back
The Wedgwood Museum and
Visitor Centre and Flight back
to Sydney via Singapore